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Maatschappelijke Complexiteit: politiek beleid voor veranderingen

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Introductie Maatschappelijke Complexiteit:Compram Methodologie

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Prof. Dr. Dorien DeTombe


Masterclass Maatschappelijke Complexiteit: politiek beleid voor veranderingen

Compram Course 1

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Prof. Dr. Dorien DeTombe



masterclass facilitator: begeleiding complexe maatschappelijke problemen

Compram Course 2

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Prof. Dr. Dorien DeTombe



 Taal: Nederlands

Literature: English

Terrorism, climate change and refugees are daily news in the quality newspapers. These complex societal problems concern us all. How to make policy on as these boundaries exceeding problems?

How to change these problems. These problem can be handled more efficiently, transparent and better with the knowledge of the field of Methodology of Societal Complexity.


Masterclasses for:

overheidsmedewerkers, gemeente, provincie en centrale overheid: managers en beleidsmedewerkers

Scientists and Master students / Post Doctoral Students / Ph.D students in the field of  Methodology, Sociology, Public Policy Making, Healthcare and Agriculture

Policy Makers and Managers in the field of Healthcare, Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Global Safety



Prof. Dr. Dorien  DeTombe
Sichuan University, Chengdu, P.R. China
Founder and Chair International Research Society on Methodology of Societal Complexity
 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe Tel: +31 20 6927526


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