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Barcelona, Spain, 13-18 July 2014

The International Research Society on Methodology of Societal Complexity and the EURO Working Group on Methodology of Societal Complexity organizes the Stream Methodology of Societal Complexitywith the following Sessions:


Session I:    “Societal Complexity and Economy”                         Session Code:  9bbf30e6

Session II:   “Societal Complexity and Sustainable Development”   Session Code:  0d1be992

Session III:  “Societal Complexity and Healthcare”                         Session Code:  55d27cd5

Session IV:  “Societal Complexity and Internet Privacy”                 Session Code:  2f13b71e


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 Prof. Dr. Dorien DeTombe 

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Methodology of Societal Complexity

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We welcome contributions on Methodology of Societal Complexity

 The subject of Methodology of Societal Complexity

Methodology of Societal Complexity focuses on methods and tools for handling complex societal problems. Handling means analyzing, structuring, guiding and evaluating complex societal problems.

Complex societal problems are often policy problems that can occur in many fields, like in the Agro-industry (Mad-Cow disease, BSE; Foot- and Mouth disease; Fowl Plague, birds flu), in the transportation sector, in healthcare (Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Sars, Flu), in Water affairs and Global Safety. It focuses also on handling local safety problems like large city issues and natural disasters as flood and hurricanes as well as global safety problems like war, terrorism. Although many of these issues have a different cause, they have so much in comment that they can be approached in the same way.

Complex societal problems as such, are unstructured, dynamical and constantly changing and have a large impact on society on macro, meso and on micro level.

Handling complex societal problems needs a special interdisciplinary approach. The content knowledge comes from content experts. The process knowledge comes from facilitators. The attention of the research group is on the methods and tools facilitators need for supporting these kinds of problems. The facilitators use methods specially created for the field of societal problems combined with methods and insights derived from their original field like medicine, law, economics, societal sciences, methodology, mathematics, computer sciences, technology, engineering sciences, chaos theory and operational research. Often a combination of methods is needed. In this way the field uses all kind of methods from social sciences and operational research. An often-used approach is simulation. A simulation model is one of the powerful tools to describe societal complexity. With simulation models one cannot only understand the causal relations between the phenomena but also see what effect changes have.


Keywords: Methodology, Decision, Simulation, Societal Complexity, Healthcare, Economy, Sustainable Development, (Internet) Privacy  




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