Greenhill & Waterfront

International Scientific Research & Development Institute Societal Complexity

President Prof. Dr. Dorien DeTombe

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe

Tel. +31 20 6927526


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Greenhill & Waterfront Supports Handling Complex Societal Problems for

Board Room Consultancy of large (inter)national Companies

Support to Government Departments in Handling Complex Societal Problems

Support to Local Government   Group Decision Room

Greenhill & Waterfront specializes in future planning, decision-making, visions and choices.

Greenhill & Waterfront is specialized in support for Policy Making on Complex Societal Problems based on the ideas of DeTombe and the COMPRAM methodology, a specialized methodology for handling large complex societal problems

Thesis Institute Amsterdam is a part of Greenhill & Waterfront

Thesis Institute Amsterdam supports finishing MasterThesis and Ph.D

The Compram methodology is a Policy Making methodology that handles Complex Societal Problems by analyzing the problem with interdisciplinary experts and actors in the field, and by striving for mutual accepted decisions based on a mutual performed model of the problem.

The Compram methodology  is transparent, interdisciplinary, democratic and based on years of high quality scientific research.

Greenhill & Waterfront gives all over the world Expert courses on the Compram methodology, a methodology for Policy Making  on Complex Societal Problems

Greenhill & Waterfront gives all over the world Real Life Courses and E-courses on the Compram methodology, a methodology for Policy Making  on Complex Societal Problems

Dutch: cursus Interdisciplinaire Masterclass Methodologie Maatschappelijke Complexiteit Universiteit van Amsterdam Andragologie

Course Interdisciplinary Masterclass Methodology  Societal Complexity   Amsterdam University Andragology

Greenhill & Waterfront uses all kind of methods, like data analyzing methods, gaming, system dynamic modeling, interview techniques, GDSS in electronic meeting rooms.

Greenhill & Waterfront uses soft and hard OR methods

Greenhill & Waterfront gives lectures, workshops and gives master classes for learning the COMPRAM methodology and facilitating group processes;

Greenhill & Waterfront handles complex issues all over the world; policy problems like floods, disasters, risks, tsunami's, urban research, future planning, agricultural issues and internet privacy.


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