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                                                                                                Chair Dr. Dorien DeTombe

June 6,  2008


Methodology day NOSMO

time            : 10  am - 5.30 pm

location     :  Free  University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe

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deadline     : abstract 15th May 2008



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Analysing Climate Change as a complex societal problem


Dorien DeTombe

Chair International Research Society on Methodology Societal Complexity,

P.O. Box. 3286, 1001 AB Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe

Tel: +31 20 6927526   Email:



Climate change has become  politically engaged issue. However, climate change is a complex societal issue. Therefore, the situation has to be analyzed according to the theoretical ideas of the Compram methodology. The Compram methodology gives guidelines to handle real life complex societal problems. The methodology gives directions to analyze, discuss, make decisions and change a complex societal problem. A problem handling team of experts and actors are invited to make fruitful sustainable decisions for interventions and implementations.

The Compram methodology is a frame work methodology that is based the theory of societal complexity. The Compram methodology gives within the few steps room to apply all kinds of methods and tools. Climate change is used to explain the methodology.




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Dr. Dorien  DeTombe (MSc.Ph.D.)

Chair International Research Society on Methodology of Societal Complexity

P.O. Box. 3286, 1001 AB Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe

Tel: +31 20 6927526

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