Workshop on Sustainable Living

                at Turkish Rural Countryside

                          METU,   Ankara ,      June 8,  2007 



Joint Contribution by

o        Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM), Middle East Technical University



o        Computational Biology, Medicine, Environment and Development  

(Seminar / Research Group; IAM and YUUP Biyotip Group, METU)


o        Balaban Valley Group     


o        Kerkenes Eco-Center Project


o        EURO Working Group on Continuous Optimization (EUROPT)


o        EURO Working Group “Operational Research for Development”


o        EURO Working Group on Complex Societal Problems






June 8 (Friday):


12.00-13.15h      Joint Lunch in the Cafeteria of METU 

                          (Yemek Salonu; reservation needed, please contact us)      


13.40-17.00h     Lectures and Discussions

                           Place:  Room IAM 209,

                           Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM),

                           Building of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

                           (behind President’s Office, “Rektörlük”)





13.30–13.40h    Opening Remarks


13.40-14.20h:  “Presentation on the Kerkenes Eco-Center Project Activities”

                               and discussion


                               Francoise Summers    (Department of Architecture, METU)


14.20-15.00h:  Challenges Schools Face due to Internal Migration Flows

                           in Turkey

                               and discussion


                               Hanife Akar   (Department of Educational Sciences, METU)


15.00-15.30h:   Coffee Break 


15.30-16.10h:   Sustainable Living in Balaban Valley

                               and discussion


                          İnci and Ali Gökmen (Department of Chemistry, METU)

                          coauthors:  Halil Önder, Hediye Tuydes and G.-W. Weber  


16.10-16.50h:   Panel on Sustainable Living at Turkish Rural Countryside  


16.50-17.00h:   Closing Remarks 




Hanife Akar                         (Department of Educational Sciences, METU),

Ali Gökmen                          (Dept. of Chemistry, METU),
İnci Gökmen                        (Dept. of Chemistry, METU),
Francoise Summers             (Department of Architecture, METU),


Devin Sezer, Süreyya Özöğür, Başak Akteke-Öztürk, S. Zeynep Alparslan Gök

and Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber   (all from IAM, METU)


                                     (contact:, )


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