On which kind of issues is the Compram methodology used?

The Compram methodology (DeTombe,1994) is used on Policy Making problems in the area of Global Safety

see article on Global Safety:

DeTombe, Dorien J. (2010) Global Safety. Pesquisa Operacional, v.30, n.2, p.387-404, Maio a Agosto de 2010, versão impressa ISSN 0101-7438 / versão online ISSN 1678-514.

The OECD advised in 2006 to use the Compram methodology for Knowledge Institutes in OECD countries for handling Global Safety

see: OECD (2006) The Final Consensus Report of the OECD Global Science Forum Workshop Tokyo, Japan, on December 5 - 6, 2005. Paris: OECD


The Compram methodology is acknowledged by many other researchers and policymakers in almost all parts of the world, such as in

 South-America, North-America, Canada, (Taylor, 2013), Europe, Slovak Republic (Hain, 2012; Hain and
Kráľová, 2013), Ukraine

(Koshlai and Mikhalevich, 2007), Romania (Bulz, 2013)   and Austria (Allaraj and Lind-Braucher, 2013), Asia, Turkey[1], India,

 Indonesia, China and Japan to mention a few.
Often only some elements are used, sometimes large parts of the methodology or the whole


The International Research Society of Societal Complexity based on the use of the Compram methodology has departments all over the world.

[1] Gökmen, Sinan, Weber, Gökmen, Ecevit, Sürmeli, Bali, Ecevit, Gökmen and DeTombe (2004).






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