basic concepts Compram method (DeTombe, 1994)



Compram deals, at several moments in the problem handling process, explicitly with power. Compram deals with power differences by starting the problem handling process with a neutral knowledge expert team. This is step one of the problem handling process. Use of such a team prevents certain solutions being stimulated while others are neglected at an early stage of the problem handling process. Working this way important issues are not overlooked. The expert team analyzes the power and steering instruments of the actors.

Compram includes the power of the actors by inviting them to join the problem handling process (step two of the problem handling process). The actors define the problem and their handling space, each with their own team.

Compram deals with societal power by reflecting on the selected interventions before implementing the interventions carefully (step four of the problem handling process).

Compram neutralizes, where needed, the personal or domain dominance of a person in the problem handling team by giving the team members the opportunity to brainstorm anonymously (see DeTombe, 1994, 1997b).

In a  complex societal problems there are  different actors involved. In these group processes, all forms of power play a role especially in reaching an agreement on the definition of the problem and on selecting interventions. There is official (formal) power and unofficial (informal) power, legal power and illegal power, institutionalized power and not institutionalized power.



The method Compram is a method for handling complex societal problems and issues. See for a more detailed description of the Compram approach DeTombe, 1994; DeTombe, 2003).


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