The Agenda of 2000

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Dr. Dorien J. DeTombe

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All meetings SISWO Amsterdam time: 14.00-17.00


- dr. Erwin Rooze Effectief Strategisch Probleem Formuleren (thesis, 1999)

Referent: dr. Dorien DeTombe (TUD)


- dr. Huub Scholten

Handboek Good Modelling Practice(1999)

Referent: dr. Cor van Dijkum (UU)


- dr Dorien DeTombe TuDelft

lecture on Evaluation criteria for method for complex societal problems

Validatie van methoden voor complexe maatschappelijke problemen


17th Operational Research Conference Budapest, Hongary

 Sterzing ItaliŽ, Local Agenda 2000

Joining Prof. dr Liebl (Germany) and the ICIS group Maastricht

Introduction lecture of the new members

Second meeting West-Euro Group 21 workshop

Joining research group of Prof. dr Brans (Free University Brussels)

finding a mutual research theme. Introduction lecture of the new members

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