phases handling process of complex societal problems and issues

Compram method (DeTombe, 1994)



In order to make it possible that the effort of handling a problem has the effect one likes it to have. the problem should have political support. Therefore it should be put on the political agenda.

This is not allways easy.


an example:

It took a long struggle to create a critical mass to put the gender inequality problem on the political agenda. Although there have been some positive changes in the position of women especially in western countries, money and (public and private) power is still almost completely into the control and possession of men. Only gradually is the subordinate position of women seen as a problem which must be solved as a societal problem rather than being a private problem of women. Abortion is an example of the low position of women in society. For a long time, the need for abortion was considered a private problem of ‘fallen women’, rather than being a societal issue to be put on the political agenda and handled as a societal problem with a solution to be found at the societal level.


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