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Presentatie boek 'Validation of Simulation Models'

Cor van Dijkum, Dorien DeTombe & Etzel van Kuijk (editors)

Amsterdam: SISWO, 1999


dr.A. van der Gieszen ( RIVM) modellen

dr Cor van Dijkum (UU)Presentatie en introductie boek ‘Validation of ..

dr. Dorien DeTombe (TUD) validatie

forum: drs. F. Birrer (UL) dr. M. Jansen (VU)


dr. Cathal Brugha Faculty of Commerce, University College Dublin: Dealing With Complex Societal Issues: Helping Actors To Determine A Way Ahead

dr. Giampiero Beroggi School of Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management, TuDelft: Participative Land Use Management

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