7th International Conference on Social Science Methodology

Campus di Monte Sant’Angelo Naples, Italy, Europe


Methodology for Societal Complexity


RC33 September  1-5, 2008

Dorien DeTombe & Rosanna Memoli  



Book of abstacts of participants of Methodology of Societal Complexity

Global Safety & Sustainable Development & Healthcare   Naples volume 17


Report on Methodology of Societal Complexity of the RC33 in Naples Italy Europe in 2008

Dorien J. DeTombe

Chair International Research Society on Societal Complexity

E-Mail: DeTombe@nosmo.nl        www.geocities.com/doriendetombe

P.O. Box. 3286, 1001 AB Amsterdam , The Netherlands , Europe

Tel: +31 20 6927526


Rosanna Memoli

Full Professor Methodology of Social Research, Faculty of Statistic -" La Sapienza "  

University of Rome, Italy, Europe

E-Mail: Rosanna.Memoli@uniroma1.it


The stream of methodology of societal complexity consists of:


Session    I :       Societal complexity and Safety

Session   II :       Societal complexity and Sustainable Development

Session  III :       Societal complexity and Healthcare

We welcome contributions of methodology of societal complexity


important  info


Please send the abstract before February 17, 2008 to Dorien J. DeTombe DeTombe@nosmo.nl 


March 31, 2008 abstract acceptance date



RC33-Members                                                165 €

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Students                                                         105 €

Participants from countries in transition              105 €

Non Academic                                                 205 €

Late registrants (May, 10th)                                + 40 €

Conference Dinner                                            50 €

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For general information of the conference please look at http://www.rc332008.unina.it/

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Join the special session of  Methodology for Societal Complexity and Healthcare, Global Safety and Sustainable Development

The sessions of Complex Societal Problems include all kinds of methodology and tools that can be applied for analyzing, structuring, guiding and evaluating Complex Societal Problems.

The Scientific Research Society of Methodology for Societal Complexity focuses on methods and tools for handling complex societal problems.

Complex societal problems are policy problems often mentioned in the daily news paper, such as difficulties in the Agricultural-industry (Mad-Cow disease, BSE; Foot- and Mouth disease; Fowl Plague, Bird flu), the issues of transportation, the healthcare problems (Malaria, HIV/Aids, Sars, flu) and the Water problems like flood and pollution, global safety such as terrorism and immigration issues, and disasters like hurricanes and earth quakes.

Complex societal problems are unstructured, dynamical and constantly changing and have a large impact on society on macro, meso and on micro level. Although many of these issues have a different cause, they have so much in common that they can be approached in the same way.

Handling complex societal problems needs a special interdisciplinary approach. The content knowledge comes from content experts. The process knowledge comes from facilitators. The attention of the research group is on the methods and tools facilitators need for supporting these kinds of problems. The facilitators use methods specially created for the field of societal problems combined with methods and insights derived from their original field like medicine, law, economics, societal sciences, methodology, mathematics, computer sciences, technology, engineering sciences, chaos theory and operational research.

Keywords: Complex Societal Problems, Healthcare, Global Safety, Sustainable Development

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Dr. Dorien  DeTombe

Chair International Research Society on Methodology of Societal Complexity

P.O. Box. 3286, 1001 AB Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe

Tel: +31 20 6927526

E-Mail: DeTombe@nosmo.nl ; http://www.geocities.com/doriendetombe




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