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The video food is inspired on Dutch 'still lifes' the well known paintings of food in the 16th and 17th century painted by Dutch painters.

Food is the basic essential need of our life and therefore extremely important.

Food Lissabon shows the real life video with the real sound. Important in the video is the role of women as merchants.

Food Portugal is the same video material, however this time not with the natural sound but with the music of  Amalia Rodriguez: Coimbra

Market place is an editing of stills taken of the same video material with music of Edgar Varese: Desert 2nd interpolation

Meals is an editing of stills taken of the same video material in what can be called responsible meals which contains fish, vegetables and fruits per meal. This video uses the music of Isaac Albeniz: Sous le palmier.

By using different ways of editing and different sounds Anna Abee shows the audience what the effect of editing and sounds is in the emotional interpretation of the video.

The multi media artist Anna Abee explores her theme structures again in these food video’s by concentration on the different structures and colours of the food in the containers.

The video is made on one morning in July 2002 on the Food market near the river in downtown Lissabon, Portugal. The market there exist at least as long as the time the Dutch painters painted their 'still lifes'.


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