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Dorien DeTombe, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber  and Semih. Kuter (Eds.) (2017) Societal Complexity, Data Mining and Gaming . State-of-the-Art 2017.

Amsterdam: Greenhill & Waterfront, Europe, The Netherlands, Amsterdam; UK, Guilford; North-America: Canada Montreal ISBN /EAN  978-90-77171-54-7. December 2017

The book provides new modeling and solution approaches, and it can become a valuable compendium for graduate and postgraduate students,
 for deciders and researchers in private sectors, in universities and in modern industries, within a variety of sciences, high-tech fields and managerial areas, such as applied mathematics, finance and game theory, physics and chemistry, computer science, management and business, economy, geo-, neuro- and bio-sciences, societal life, development and environmental protection, whenever one wants or urgently needs to model real-world problems under uncertainty. We all do very well known that predictability in an uncertain environment is inevitable for every area of engineering, of management and of science.
In this context, this book wishes to offer a significance and to become very help- and fruitful for the people on earth, their living-conditions and peace.
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 Societal Complexity, Data Mining and Gaming;
State-of-the-Art 2017  
Dorien DeTombe, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber and Semih Kuter (Eds.),
Amsterdam Europe: Greenhill & Waterfront. ISBN /EAN  978-90-77171-54-7
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