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                   Research agenda conferences and meetings of the

International Research Society of

Methodology of Societal Complexity (MSC)

Prof. Dr. Dorien DeTombe







March- September   2022

Two days Masterclass Introduction Societal Complexity the Compram Methodology  on Corona



                      May 11 -12 2022 Amsterdam online and local ( hybrid)


                                      3e Societal Complexity Amsterdam Conference

                                     Prof Dr Dorien DeTombe, Prof Dr Gerhard Weber and Prof dr Cor van Dijkum


Book of abstract and paper of the 3e Societal complexity Conference Amsterdam


 July  3-6   2022 Espoo Finland  online and local


     OR and Ethics and  Societal Complexity 

      Prof Dr Dorien DeTombe

 special session Ethics, Societal Complexity and Governance

                                                       Prof. Dr Dorien De Tombe and Prof. Dr Cathal Brugha

    Satellite even on Societal Complexity and Or and Ethics 3  July 2022  2 pm-5 pm

 Prof. Dr Dorien De Tombe and Prof Dr Gerhard Weber


August   2022 Jakarta Indonesia online conference

                                  Comperscience and Societal Complexity via hybrid internet/local

                                  2nd ICAISD conference University of Jakarta Indonesia


September 12 -16 2022 Japan online

International Conference on Social Science Methodology of RC33 -

                                                    RC20 Regional Conference on Comparative Sociology & The 2nd RC33 Regional Conference on Social Science Methodology in Tokyo, Japan. The conference will be held online from 12– 16 September 2022. Please click here for more details regarding the conference. Read More

                                                        special session on Societal Complexity  

                                                                      Prof. Dr Dorien DeTombe


 November 2022 Siantar North Sumatra Indonesia     

                                                   Conference on Computer Science



Learning Societal Complexity and the Compram methodology Masterclasses

in Dutch or  English:





Interdisciplinary Masterclass Methodology Societal Complexity
Amsterdam University    Prof. Dr. Dorien DeTombe


Introduction  Methodology Societal Complexity   

Amsterdam University two masterclasses Prof. Dr. Dorien DeTombe

 Interdisciplinaire Masterclass Methodologie Maatchappelijke Complexiteit Compram course 1
 Universiteit van Amsterdam 10 masterclasses    Prof. Dr. Dorien DeTombe  Dutch/English
 Masterclass Facilitator: begeleiding complexe maatschappelijke problemen    Compram Course 2

Amsterdam University 10 masterclasses  Prof. Dr. Dorien DeTombe  Dutch/English



Masterclass Societal Complexity and Simulation Course 1   

Amsterdam University  10 masterclasses Prof. Dr Dorien DeTombe  and Dr Cor van Dijkum   in cooperation  with Andragology


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Prof. Dr. Dorien  DeTombe
International Institute Societal Complexity Europe (IISCE)
in cooperation with
 Euro Work Group of Ethics and Societal Complexity
Sichuan University, Chengdu, P.R. China
Chair International Research Society on Methodology of Societal Complexity
 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe Tel: +31 20 6927526
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